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Finding a Private GP in London

Private GP in London  stephoscope

If you are looking for a new GP surgery in London then you should first of all ask around friends and people who live on your new estate or neighbourhood.  After this you can have a look on the NHS website which will show you all of the local areas and what is available near you. This can be done by clicking here and following the information on the NHS site or by typing in and searching for private GP London.

Which private GP

When looking for your closest doctor then you should think about what services you need and which doctors surgery will be best for you. For example if you have a small family and feel the need for a doctors with a permanent nurse located on the premises is important. This would enable small things like inoculations to be done any day of the week instead of just being on a Monday availability.  If that’s there day you pay for them to go to nursery then it can be a bit of a waste of money!  If you have a demanding work schedule and work long hours then a local GP that does nights appointments and weekends would be ideal for you.

Convenient Appointments

Being able to get an appointment at a time that suits you is essential when calling your Private GP London.  If you miss an appointment at your local doctors it has a huge knock on effect for budgets and other patients.  for example it is suggested that over £700 million a year is wasted in lost NHS appointments over the space of a year.  this could buy an awful lot! As well as the obvious financial connotations it could be considered to a waste of the doctors time, nurses time, a lost appointment for a needy patient, and increased waiting times for the next slot that would be booked for that patient that missed the original appointment.